Math problems: Numbers – 4ºESO


The EuroMillions draw is held every Tuesday and Friday. Nine European countries participate in the lottery and it has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 17 million euros.

You have to choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and two star numbers between 1 and 12.

There are 13 award categories. With two correct numbers we already get a prize and if we match the five numbers plus the two stars we win the jackpot.

The amounts of the prizes depend on the amount of money accumulated in the EuroMillions fund.

Last Tuesday there have been five winners in Spain. (1)

One winner in Granada won the jackpot of ________________ euros.

In  Almería,  one  ticket   with  three   numbers   and   one   star   matched  won 

_______________  euros.  The  ticket  was  bought by three friends and each of 

them received __________________ euros.

One person in Zaragoza won ______________ euros with four numbers and two stars matched.

The last winner lives in Murcia and with one number  match  and  two  stars won 

_______________ euros.

The total amount of money that landed in Spain was about ______________ euros.

(1) Calculate the prize each winner received

Sale of books during the year 2021

In 2021, book sales have increased 25% compared to the year of confinement 

and 20% compared to 2019 (2). In 2019, 162.2 million books were sold; ____________ 

books were sold in 2020 and _______________ books were sold in 2021.

Of  the  total  books  sold  in  2021,  73%  were  in paper format and the rest in digital format. (3)

_____________ paper  books  and ___________ digital  books  were  sold. 

The average price of a book went from 13.9 euros to 14.1 euros, that is to say that the 

average price experienced an increase of _____________. The average amount of 

money collected from the sales is __________________ euros. (4)

Young readers have increased during the last year due to the fact that the sale of comics has grown by 70%. Of the hundred books sold last week throughout Spain, 27 were 

manga, _____ %. (5)

(2) Calculate the number of books sold in 2020 and 2021

(3) Calculate the number of books sold in paper and digital format

(4) Calculate first the percent increase and then the money collected from the sale.

(5) Calculate the percent of manga books sold.

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